Healing-Centered Education

Virtual Summit


 Sunday, March 19th 

12:00PM to 5:00PM Eastern Time 


Wounded Healer Leadership & Pedagogy  

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Healing-Centered Education 
Virtual Summit


Sunday, March 19th 

12:00PM to 5:00PM Eastern Time 


Wounded Healer Leadership & Pedagogy  

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We are honored to invite you to this year’s first Healing-Centered Education Summit. For the last couple of years, we have hosted multi-day summits to support the expansion of this healing-centered paradigm in education. This special one-day experience harnesses the power of the concept Wounded Healer to frame healing-centered leadership and pedagogy from a new perspective. 


Through keynotes, a panel discussion, and concurrent workshops, our intention is to invite the community to innovate with us by leveraging the concept of Wounded Healer to enhance how we approach leadership, teaching and learning. Our vision is to continue to seed the field of healing-centered education–a paradigm encompassing restorative justice, social-emotional learning, mindfulness, trauma-sensitive teaching, decolonizing education and much more. Our long-term mission is to transform K-12 and adult education by activating a generative social field that will inspire new scholarship, pedagogies, and communities of practice.


Mission & Vision

 As we’ve continued to navigate a lingering pandemic and wrestle with multiple crises in our communities, this summit is a communal exploration into what it means to survive and thrive during such challenging times. The concept “wounded healer” finds its roots in Greek mythology and is interpreted in Carl Jung’s work as well. 


For Jung, wounded healers had a deep sensitivity to and understanding of their own wounds, empowering them to help others heal. Jung was especially attuned to physicians or those who administer medicine. At this summit, we reinterpret the concept with an attunement towards and attention to how we lead in organizations and engage in teaching adults and children. 


From our perspective, wounded healer leadership and pedagogy embraces the complexity of navigating systems that perpetuate violence and inequality while remaining solution-oriented as we move through the challenges to bring about a better world. With this approach, the intention is to support and fortify educators in engaging in their own personal healing work while implementing healing-centered teaching methods in their work as educators.


This summit aims to curate messages of inspiration, affirmation, and hope to nourish  depleted leaders and educators in the field.. In cultivating space to catalyze our collective healing and transformation, we also hope to co-create an experience that will advance the concept of the wounded healer in the field of education.


Coming from a range of backgrounds–education, psychology, public health, neuroscience, philanthropy, indigenous science and the healing arts–our guest speakers will explore how we galvanize around the notion of wounded healers to explore new territory in regards to theory, practice and research within the context of education.

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Click on icons to learn more about each precious being. 

Lindsey Fuller

Yolanda Sealey-Ruiz

Marisol Pineda-Conde

Ian Levy

Justis Lopez

Drisana McDaniel

Angel Acosta

Kia Darling-Hammond

Jen Gowers

Maria Tan

Solana Booth 

Cory Greene 

Luis Alejandro Tapia

Angela Kariotis

Core Questions 

These are some of the questions explored during this gathering: 

  • How does the concept of the wounded healer reinvigorate how we engage in healing-centered work in our organizations, schools and institutions? 

  • What do wounded healer practices look like for educators,  practitioners and leaders who are navigating constant change and different levels of trauma in their communities?

  • What do wounded healer organizational strategies and policies look like? 

  • How does wounded healing relate to academic research, especially research that is committed to transforming systems of inequality?


Who is this summit for? 

Who is this summit for? 

All are welcome.








Somatic Practitioners 


Aspiring Activists 

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Consultants

Anyone interested in building community and exploring the healing-centered paradigm 










Pricing & Registration

 We want to make this Summit online experience as affordable as possible. With the support of our community members willing to Pay-It-Forward, we significantly offer reasonable pricing for regular and subsidized admission. Register based on your relative financial needs & standing. If you need additional support, submit scholarship application HERE. 




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  • Admission and access to full summit recordings with 20+ hours of content from 20+ renown speakers 
  • Access to summit digital infrastructure with additional resources and access to social networking community with over 400 members 
  • Pay-it-forward for someone else to experience the summit

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Want to establish your organization as a committed leader in this field of thought, while providing foundational support to an emerging movement? There are various levels of engagement--from contributing to specific areas of the program to general resource development for summit production. 

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Summit Inspiration


This summit is inspired by a national healing art project titled Wounded Healers, which explores the concept through nine exceptional education practitioners in the field.  

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The Acosta Institute is an emerging digital learning and research hub fostering innovation at the intersection of healing-centered education, contemplative social science and slow work. It is a DBA of Acosta Consulting, a contemplative-based and healing-centered firm committed to supporting institutions with their organizational learning needs.

Summit Chair

For the last decade, Dr. Angel Acosta has worked to bridge the fields of leadership, social justice, and mindfulness.