• Contemplative Qualitative Inquiry: Mindfulness-based research into organizational & educational challenges
  • Focus Groups & interviews: Qualitative research for internal organizational assessment
  • Strategic Learning & Design: Curating dynamic learning experiences for educational programming & ideation
Teaching & Facilitation 
  • Restorative & Healing Circle Facilitation 
  • Contemplating 400 Years of Inequality 
  • Community Grounding 
  • Organizational Consensus & Team Building 
  • Employee & Educator Racial Literacy Development 

Keynotes & Seminars

  • Overview of Restorative and Healing-Centered Paradigm in Education  
  • Social Artistry in the Context of Teaching & Leading in Turbulent Times 
  • Towards an Archaeology of Self: Healing & Racial Literacy Development 
  • The Body & Mind Keep the Score: Mindfulness & Contemplative Practices in Our Tumultuous Times
  • The Inner & Outer Work of Racial Justice 
  • Moving From Structural Inequality to Human Flourishing 
  • Meditations on Leadership  
  • Restorative Approaches to Student Engagement 

Youth Development

  • Life-Long Learning & Readiness for the Next Generation
  • Healing for Boys of Color: Equipping the Next Generation to Thrive   
  • Developing 21st Century Skills in a Digital World
  • Youth Development in a Rapidly Changing World 



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