This Level III training supports participants with developing the skills and presence necessary to facilitate the Contemplating 400 Years of Inequality Experience on their own. It builds on the exploration of various themes within the Level I and Level II trainings. This training will support participants with grasping the intersection of mindfulness, intergenerational trauma & healing, and contemplative education and how this all relates to the new wave of practices that are emerging in the field. Participants will be given ample opportunity to practice what they learned during small breakout groups. This training will provide participants with the necessary knowledge they need to guide their communities through mindful dialogue on our past for the purpose of generating healing and restoration. 

Additional benefits of this training include: 

  • Increase your confidence with leading groups into contemplative learning spaces 
  • Deepen your comfort and resonance with the timeline and its dense material 
  • Become a stronger facilitator of group conversations on equity-centered topics
  • Deepen your sense of presence when it comes to holding space for others 
  • Explore structural violence and inequality in a safe and brave space 
  • Learn and connect with like-minded colleagues 
  • Join a community of dedicated practitioners, educators, social works, DE&I consultants and more 
  • Explore the healing-centered paradigm in educational research and practice 
  • Gain insights on the growing field of embodied social justice 
  • Accrue a variety of resources to expand your understanding 


Concepts & themes explored during training: 

  • Wake Work 
  • Tragic Gap 
  • Structural Sociopathy 
  • Collective Healing 
  • Integration 
  • Oppression as bio/psycho/social phenomenal 
  • Embodied Leadership 
  • Design from Trust 
  • Prodignity 
  • Re-membering 

New Dates Coming Soon