Contemplating 400 Years of Inequality Facilitator Training LEVEL II

This Level II training expands upon the concepts explored in Level I. With a particular focus on deepening the ability to hold space for difficult conversations in relation to structural inequality, racial injustice and cultural differences, participants will get hands-on opportunities to engage each other and demonstrate their understanding of the Contemplating 400 Years of Inequality Experience. This training will help participants to develop a deeper awareness of the historical forces that have created what scholars call an “ecology of inequality” and how to help others become more capacious as they explore complex parts of our past. It will be an opportunity to engage in deep reflection on what are some of the challenges that come up for you while you do this or similar equity-centered work. Participants will have ample time to build strong relationships and collaborate with others. Participants will learn how to leverage contemplative science and research on prosociality to gain a deeper grasp of the practices needed to increase compassion and trust within communities. This is a great opportunity to take what you learned in Level I and fine-tune your facilitation skills for working with the timeline itself and, more broadly, cultivating the presence to hold space for others in exploring some of the contentious issues of our times.


Additional benefits of this training include: 

  • Deepen your comfort and resonance with the timeline and its dense material 
  • Become a stronger facilitator of group conversations on equity-centered topics
  • Deepen your sense of presence when it comes to holding space for others 
  • Explore structural violence and inequality in a safe and brave space 
  • Learn and connect with like-minded colleagues 
  • Join a community of dedicated practitioners, educators, social works, DE&I consultants and more 
  • Explore the healing-centered paradigm in educational research and practice 
  • Gain insights on the growing field of embodied social justice 
  • Accrue a variety of resources to expand your understanding 


Concepts & themes explored during training: 

  • Prosociality 
  • Contemplative science and justice 
  • Heartfulness 
  • Embodied Social Justice
  • Collective Healing 
  • Law of the the Seven Generations 
  • Marronage 
  • Archetypal Grief 
  • Structural Violence

New Dates Coming Soon