Contemplating 400 Years of Inequality Facilitator Training LEVEL I

This Level I training supports participants with developing the skills and presence to facilitate the Contemplating 400 Years of Inequality Experience. Inspired by the 400 Years of Inequality Organizing Committee and its powerful timeline, this training will explore research and practices at the intersection of mindfulness, intergenerational trauma & healing, and contemplative education. Participants will learn how to use the 400 Years of Inequality timeline as a contemplative tool for deepening conversations about structural inequality, historical literacy, community resiliency and social justice. This training will provide participants with the necessary knowledge they need to guide their communities through mindful dialogue on our past for the purpose of generating healing and restoration. Participants will learn how to facilitate a contemplative learning experience that holds the complexity of diverse perspectives and walks community members through history in order to process our collective past for our present healing. The core of this experience is the combination of contemplative practices with the exploration of the timeline, which allows participants to learn how to re-imagine how we can both transcend implicit bias and develop a more compassionate society. 

Participants will leave with a thorough understanding of foundational research, core practices, access to online community, physical timeline printing instructions, digital access to timeline, and tools for facilitating the timeline virtually.


Additional benefits of this training include: 

  • Become a stronger facilitator of group conversations on equity-centered topics
  • Deepen your sense of presence when it comes to holding space for others 
  • Explore structural violence and inequality in a safe and brave space 
  • Learn and connect with like-minded colleagues 
  • Join a community of dedicated practitioners, educators, social works, DE&I consultants and more 
  • Explore the healing-centered paradigm in educational research and practice 
  • Gain insights on the growing field of embodied social justice 
  • Accrue a variety of resources to expand your understanding 


Concepts & themes explored during training: 

  • Intergenerational healing & trauma 
  • Trauma-informed care 
  • Persistent Traumatic Environments 
  • Post-Traumatic Growth
  • Embodied Social Justice
  • Microagression
  • Interpersonal Neurobiology 
  • Critical Mindfulness 
  • Cognitive Dissonance 
  • Ecology of Inequality

New Dates Coming Soon