May 17th - May 31st, 2023





Healing Through Somatic Storytelling.




Hosted by Solana Booth, Latise Hairston & Dr. Angel Acosta

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Join us inside of a fiercely held container for engaging in personal, generational, and collective healing.


Together in this three week intensive, participants will experience an unapologetic centering of indigenous wisdom and restorative ways of being. Our expert practitioners, who have lived and worked in these ways for decades, will engage the breath, body, mind, and spirit through their dynamic healing modalities and conversational storytelling.
Inside this community you’ll develop presence and facilitation skills to ground your own communities and foster wellbeing within them. You’ll also find a shared sense of personal and ancestral values and deep desire to transform the collective.
This is the restorative turn in practice.


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Brought to you by the Acosta Institute

The Acosta Institute, founded by Dr. Angel Acosta, is a learning and research hub fostering innovation at the intersection of healing-centered education, contemplative social science and slow work. The Acosta Institute facilitates a series of online courses including The HCE Primer, The Practicum, and various other lectures, trainings, workshops, and summits. As a part of Acosta Consulting, The Acosta Institute contributes to contemplative-based and healing-centered support for teams, communities, and institutions with their organizational learning needs.

Together we will explore…

  • Embodying a healing-centered approach in our lives and work
  • Creating space through contemplative practices
  • Upholding ancestral and personal values in a communal experience
  • Moving through and beyond our trauma
  • The impact of personal healing work on our professional work
  • The interconnectedness of the individual and the collective

Broaden Your Understanding of Thriving through Healing-Centered Education.


The HCE Practicum is structured to allow ample time for personal reflection on your own journey and work as well as time to share and build healing relationships. This course is less focused on the history or theory behind HCE than our Primer course. The Practicum immerses participants in the real-time experience of somatic and healing practices that fuel restoration and rejuvenation including practices for…
  • Community grounding
  • Connecting to the soma (or body)
  • Vulnerability and sharing that connects us to our own humanity and the humanity of others
  • Using stories as medicine and storytelling for self-healing
  • Recycling somatic waste and processing trauma
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Anyone interested in deepening their healing practice in an intentional community is welcome to join us for The Practicum.

Past participants are always encouraged to join again for an immersive collective healing experience. The practices and facilitators of The Practicum change and evolve each time we offer it live.

Our HCE Primer is not a required prerequisite, however it is recommended that you participate in both courses for the optimal experience. Our past participants have been EducatorsDiversity, Equity and Inclusion ConsultantsTherapists, PsychologistsResearchersTeachers, Parents ArtistsSomatic Practitioners, Activists, and Aspiring Activists



May 17TH, 2023   

6:30PM-9:00PM (Eastern Time)

May 24TH, 2023

6:30PM-9:00PM (Eastern Time)

May 31ST, 2023

6:30PM-9:00PM (Eastern Time)









Lead Host

Dr. Angel Acosta 

For the last decade, Angel Acosta has worked to bridge the fields of leadership, social justice and mindfulness. He recently received his doctorate in the Curriculum and Teaching Department at Teachers College, Columbia University. Angel has supported educational leaders and their students by facilitating leadership trainings, creating pathways to higher education, and designing dynamic learning experiences. His dissertation explores healing-centered education as a promising framework for educational leadership development.


Solana Booth

Her Indian names are Solana, IshDàĀNaWäŠe and Łaxłenblu. As a Pacific NW Traditional Medicine Keeper, her vision is to open her own “Re-Cover Me in Wellness Center”. Ms. Booth serves us by her roles as Co-Chair of American Psychedelic Practitioners Association, Executive Director of Transitioning Offenders Program and founder of Advocates Of Sacred. She promotes First Nations and Native American traditional teachings using multiple healing modalities such as: Traditional Canoe Family Skipper, Speaker/Doer of Ancient knowings, Traditional Ceremonies, Traditional artist, hunter & gatherer, Family violence and Recovery Specialist, Generational Brain-spotting Practitioner, Somatic Archeology Practitioner, First Foods’, Plant Medicine and Lactation Educator, Birth and Death work, Storytelling or first narratives and her Positive Interconnectedness model. Miss Booth is enrolled into the Nooksack Nation of the Chief Dan George Family and Mohawk from Bay Quinte where the peacekeeper was born, White Owl House of the Wolf Clan. Her Paternal association is Tsymsyan of the Violet Booth Family, Raven Clan. She is a mother of nine and Grandmother of two baby girls.
Latise Hairston

Dr. Latise Hairston advocates for all human beings (especially for those that are disenfranchised) and influences systems to create practices, policies, and cultures that respect individuality and focus on diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice.
With over 20 years of leadership experience, Latise has counseled and coached hundreds of individuals, leaders, and organizations in the government, non-profit, and corporate sectors. She designs, manages, and facilitates enterprise-wide innovative solutions, including strategic planning, change management, and leadership. Latise has led the development and implementation of diversity, equity, and inclusion strategic plans within a multi-billion-dollar hospitality company.
As the Founder and Chief Impact Officer of HOPE Consulting, Latise specializes in creative problem solving, instructional design, diversity, equity and inclusion, training/facilitation, leadership, and organizational development. She also serves as an adjunct faculty member in the Department of Business, Management, and Leadership at Medaille College. 

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This course comes from a place of passion, love, and a drive to strengthen our communities, especially communities of color. When you pay for your participation in this course, you are supporting the physical, intellectual, and emotional labor required to continue to hold this space and curate powerful educational programming within it. 
We've structured our payment process to enable us to raise funds to offer subsidized and scholarship registrations that support participants who may not otherwise be able to enroll due to financial hardship.  



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